Welcome to the 2019 Leading Edge Employee Experience Survey!

The goal of this survey is to empower you with data and tools to help you make your
organization an even better place to work.

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Criteria for participation:
  • Organization has at least six employees (full-time and/or part-time). Organizations will receive results if at least five employees complete the survey.
  • Organization is based in North America.
  • Organization is a recognized nonprofit according to the tax laws of their resident country or have a fiscal agent that is a recognized nonprofit according to the tax laws of their resident country.
  • Organization has been in existence for at least three years.
What you can expect from Leading Edge:
  • Cost - Everything is 100% free and will come at no cost to you and your organization. 
  • Survey - Leading Edge will provide a high-quality survey that takes employees approximately 15 minutes to complete. You will receive information about your organization's employee experience and culture.  
  • Tools and templates - Leading Edge has created a resource folder for all participating organizations to access the tools, templates, and resources you will need throughout the process. 
  • Survey administration support - Leading Edge and Culture Amp, our third-party online survey vendor, will support your organization throughout the process. Leading Edge will mostly be in touch with your designated Survey Lead (role described below). 
  • Results - People you designate from your organization will receive access to your organization's results hosted on the Culture Amp website. Leading Edge will support you in reviewing your data and providing technical support.
  • Comparisons - You will see results in aggregate from all 2019 participating organizations and will be able to compare your data to this group, as well as other comparisons selected for your organization. Returning organizations will be able to compare data to previous year(s).
  • Follow-up - You will have access to training and an hour-long consultation with an organizational behavior expert to help you think through your results and plan for next steps. This is optional and if you know you are not interested in this, please opt out on the next page.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY - Leading Edge prioritizes your employees' confidentiality and your organization's confidentiality. To ensure that your staff feels safe to be as honest as possible we have created safeguards to protect the identity of all respondents. No one at your organization or at Leading Edge will ever see individual responses. At no point during the survey will your organization or the Leading Edge team know who has taken the survey and who has not. The survey system will automatically send reminders to people who have not completed the survey, but no one at Leading Edge or at your organization will know the identities of those people. Data from groups will only be reported out when 4 or more people from that "group" have completed the survey. Leading Edge will never share the results from your organization with anyone beyond the people whose access you authorize. Culture Amp holds itself to the highest standards when it comes to protecting the respondents. 
What Leading Edge requests from participating organizations:
  • Commitment - Leading Edge expects that organizational leadership, including the most senior leader, will be committed to ensuring the success of the survey administration, will encourage participation and will assign at least one person to be the liaison (Survey Lead) between Leading Edge and your organization.
  • Action - Leading Edge is invested in helping organizations become even better places to work. In exchange, Leading Edge requests that organizations take their data seriously and use it to help identify areas of strength and opportunity in order to prioritize action steps. 
  • Technical requirements testing - In order to administer the survey, employees will need access to a unique email address. This is mandatory in order to administer the survey. Organizations will work with their IT teams/providers to help avoid bounced emails, spamming and lost links. Culture Amp will provide the IT requirements to ensure email communications inviting employees to complete the survey are not treated as junk.
  • HR Information Sheet - Organizations will provide Leading Edge with employee information including email address, start date, and other data that may be used to aggregate results. The Human Resource Information Sheet (HRIS) – due by April 18, 2019 - will be filled out and sent to Leading Edge in a timely manner following a training and a discussion on how to get the most out of your HR data.
Important Dates:
  • Survey Orientation (for new organizations, new Survey Leads, and anyone who would like to attend) - February 21, March 7 and March 27
  • Human Resource Information Sheet (HRIS) Office Hours - April 2 and 5, 2019
  • HRIS Data Due - April 18, 2019
  • Survey Opens - May 7, 2019
  • Survey Closes - May 21, 2019
  • Results Access - May 29, 2019