The application is your opportunity to highlight the great work your institution is doing toward experiential and personalized learning. Applying organizations are encouraged to thoughtfully engage  leadership in completing the application so that it is submitted with alignment to strategic plans and priority goals, and compiling supporting artifacts.

Two critical structural pillars represented in the Expo Achievement framework (Experiential and Personalized Learning or Technology Architecture Modeling) are foundational to the collaborative work, and discussion of both is required in the application.

Essential areas to consider in the application process are those related to current or planned structures that facilitate experiential and personalized learning, foundational work that sets the stage for system transformation, strategic planning around ed tech implementation, and sustainability of network, systems and resources.

Include as much information as you see appropriate to communicate the transformation your system is working toward and highlight successes that can help other districts evolve forward school or district’s vision, scope of work, plans for moving forward, and the impact your system is having on learning.

Questions about the application can be directed to Chris McMurray, Chief Academic Officer through 

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