C.L. Baker Award

This award, given for the first time in 2020, is intended to honor the legacy of the late C. L. Baker (1939-1997) and is funded by a generous gift from his family. The winner receives a $500 honorarium and will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony at the LSA Annual Meeting.
Next Nomination Deadline
A preliminary nomination consisting of the nominee's name, CV and/or website URL, must be received no later than August 1, 2021.   The purpose of a preliminary nomination is to alert the Awards Committee of your intent, and to offer early assistance in helping you prepare a successful nomination. Following receipt of a preliminary nomination, you will be contacted directly with additional details about the kinds of assistance available.

A final nomination, consisting of a nomination form, an updated curriculum vitae for the nominee, and a brief citation that can be read at the presentation of the award, must be received by September 1, 2021.  In the typical case, nominations will be submitted by a colleague or group of colleagues of the nominee, but self-nominations are not excluded. 

The C.L. Baker Award recognizes excellence in research in the area of syntactic theory on the part of a scholar who is at the mid-point of a distinguished career. The typical nominee will be at least 3 years beyond tenure and will be on the brink of being promoted to the next major rank past the tenure point -- full Professor at many universities, perhaps different in the case of institutions which use the title Professor at the point of tenure. Scholars very recently promoted to that rank are not excluded. The typical nominee will thus be 10-20 years beyond the dissertation. Nominees should be members of the LSA at the time the prize is awarded.

Nominations of women and underrepresented ethnic minorities are particularly encouraged.

Final Nomination Form
In the final nomination form, you will be asked to address the areas listed below.  For each area, you will be asked to provide the information requested or explain why it does not apply to this nomination. Be aware that failure to address one or more of the areas may negatively impact your nomination.  Note also that you will need to fill the information into the online form for each area; a .pdf cannot be uploaded.

The prize is intended to recognize a distinguished and still unfolding research record in syntax, one which meets the following criteria:
- it has had significant impact;
- it is forward-looking and innovative;
- it is empirically careful; and
- it engages the larger intellectual context for research on human language and goes beyond the merely technical in its analyses and proposals.

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