Walking Forward Together

Dear Students, Parents, Staff and Community Stakeholders:

It is the responsibility of every school board to create a Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP), so as to set out the long-term strategic priorities for the school board. The London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB) has come a long way from the reality we faced four years ago when we launched our previous MYSP. Our Board has entered into a phase of growth and moving forward we need to continually respond to the changing needs of our students and the many realities of our global society.

We are inviting all our parents/guardians, families, students, staff and members of our parishes and community to take part in a Board wide conversation with us as we develop our 2019-23 Multi-Year Strategic Plan. The input we receive from all our stakeholders and partners will provide direction to help us set the long-term strategic priorities for our board. We all have a pivotal role to play in this process.
As with our previous plan we will be seeking input with relation to the following: 
Community and Catholicity
Student Achievement and Well-Being
Technology and Global Learning
Stewardship of Resources
As part of our consultation process,  we invite you to please take a few moments to complete this on-line consultation stakeholder survey. Please feel free to answer all of the questions but it's okay to skip question(s) if you want. Your responses to the survey will be kept anonymous.
Our new MYSP will guide decisions and actions that shape us as a school board to best support our 20,000+ students and 54 schools.
Please complete the consultation survey before March 8, 2019.
To learn more about the Board's 2019-23 MYSP consultation, please go to the Board's website where you will find both a MYSP Consultation Guide and an Executive Summary:  2019-23 LDCSB Multi-Year Strategic Plan Consultation Guide
Please feel free to answer all of the questions. If there are areas of particular interest and you wish to answer those questions only you can skip to those areas.
Thank You for taking the time to complete the consultation survey.

11% of survey complete.