Welcome to Our Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.
The purpose of this survey is to determine the most appealing architectural style for a medieval-fantasy town that we are planning in the United States. The survey will contain example pictures, sketches or illustrations of medieval and medieval fantasy buildings or architectural features, please vote on them based on how appealing they would be for the town described below. 

The town and surrounding property will be available for rental to Live Action Role Playing games and other events. Whenever it is not being rented it will host its own events, interactive games and adventures that anyone can participate in. It will also host a number of shops that provide exotic handmade medieval clothing and other goods fitting with the medieval setting.

Some features of the town and events will include:

- Medieval style Inn/Tavern with a restaurant and actual rooms for rent.
- A real town with permanent buildings, populated with live actors, designed to completely immerse you in the environment.
- Modern amenities without the modern distractions.
- The town will be on 75+ acres of beautiful forest land with walking trails and fields.

Other features available when the site isn't being rented:

- Crimes and mysteries are ever afoot and your help will be needed in solving them.
- Political intrigue in the King's Court.
- Real artisans such as blacksmiths, weavers and leatherworkers making hand-made items on site where you can watch and learn.
- One of a kind shopping experience in our medieval marketplace.
- Integrated special effects that will leave you wondering if magic really does exist.