Writing for Health

There are benefits to be gained from writing about what happens in your day.

People write a diary or even an occasional journal entry to help emotionally process the day, understand themselves and others more fully, accept what has been and gone, problem-solve a way forward and record both the mundane and the important in their lives.

As you write a narrative and record of your personal experience is generated.

This is a great way to get to know and build on your UNIQUENESS.

Writing is also a great way to focus on building a compassionate relationship with your ‘self’.

To learn to be your own best friend, that is, to treat yourself as a best friend would, is a great gift to give yourself.

To hold compassion for your ‘self’ is not about ego or self-pity.

Acting with self-compassion is more about being understanding of your intent and motivations, being self-accepting and acting with kindness toward yourself. That is, acting just as you would want a good friend to act toward you.