Obsidian Art is inviting artists and makers to enter work to exhibit in our Spring Collection from 29 March to 26 May 2024 at Obsidian Art in Stoke Mandeville.
This is a selling exhibition - all work submitted must be for sale.
Artists are welcome to submit work for inclusion in the exhibition. Work will be accepted by selection and artists will be notified by email.

There is no fee to enter the exhibition, but artists are responsible for the cost of getting work to the gallery for the exhibition and costs of return if work is unsold. The gallery charges a commission of 50% on sales (including VAT).
There is no theme for this exhibition, but we want the overall feel of the exhibition to be inspired by the season of Spring - the subject, the theme or the feel.
Entries must be an original work created by the entrant.
Artists can submit from one to ten entries in total (small items that can be repeated can be submitted as one entry - just state how many in total you could supply if selected).
There is an option to submit a short written passage to explain the work, or the process of creating it. This is optional, but will help us sell the work, so is useful if it can be supplied.
All work submitted must be for sale and available to be included in the exhibition for the whole period of the exhibition. 
Art entries can be ANY medium – 2d or 3d – including paintings, drawings, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, wood, ceramic, glass, jewellery, furniture etc.  Full gallery terms and conditions are available as a PDF downloadable document HERE or by emailing Obsidian Art on info@obsidianart.co.uk.

The entry deadline is 3 March. We aim to notify you as soon as possible  whether your work is accepted for the exhibition.  If you haven't heard from us after 10 days please do email trisha@obsidianart.co.uk to check that we have received your entry.

If accepted you are responsible for delivering your work to the gallery on the following hand-in days (or other dates & times by prior arrangement - we will be as flexible as possible) :-

Sunday 24 Mar 12noon to 4pm; or
Monday 25 Mar 11am to 2pm.

(you are welcome to either hand deliver your work to us, or we also accept work by courier or the post - if unsold we are happy to repackage work for return, but please note that you will be responsible for booking the courier and paying for the return of work).
If you have any questions or issues with this entry form please contact trisha@obsidianart.co.uk or call Trisha at the gallery on 01296 612150.