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* 1. The goal of the Great Lakes Association of Child Life Professionals (GLACLP) Mentor-Mentee Program is to match a Certified Child Life Specialist with a child life student in order to develop a professional relationship. This program will allow opportunities for the mentor to share their knowledge and expertise about child life with the mentee.

All applicants must be current members of GLACLP. We require a nine month commitment (February to November) for this program. During this time, communication must be made with your partner at least twice a month. The program coordinators will send out monthly prompts with child life related questions and topics that will help encourage contact and remind partners to communicate. Communication may include email, phone, FaceTime or Skype, in person meetings, attending GLACLP events together, etc. Commitment will also include participation in a short survey given at the end of the nine months to determine how to improve the Mentor-Mentee Program while assessing its strengths and weaknesses.

It will be the responsibility of the mentor to make the initial contact with the mentee.

If you have selected to participate in the program but do not meet the requirements stated above, we encourage you to apply again in the following year.

I agree to the terms and conditions of this program. The above information is correct to the best of my knowledge.

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