INVISION Brain Squad Survey November 2016

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Basic Questions 

Three quick sales questions to get you started.

* 1. How were your overall business revenues in October 2016 compared to the same month in 2015?

* 2. Your hottest-selling eyeglasses. (Please include brand name and line or specific product, if applicable, plus your comments on why it sold well in October.)

* 3. Your hottest-selling sunglasses. (Please include brand name and line or specific product, if applicable, plus your comments on why it sold well in October.)

General Questions

A few thought-provoking queries about your business.

What sort of “year-end bonus” does your office offer?

Do you or don’t you still use paper charts?

* 6. If you said yes, please tell us why you prefer the traditional way of doing things. If you said no, please tell us what system you use and what the pros and cons are.

* 7. EDITORIAL REACH-OUT -- Multiple Sales
The ECP dream is to provide a fantastic eyecare experience and then have a patient happily walk out the dispensary door with multiple pairs of frames that meet their various needs. Nonetheless, the multiple-pair sale remains a unicorn for many. If you have found repeated success in 2nd, 3rd and 4th pair sales, what’s your secret? What specific strategies or tactics have you employed to move additional pairs in a single sale?

A New Year means a fresh start for many. What is one of your good habits you feel has most contributed to your success and what is the No. 1 bad habit you feel might have held you back?

* 9. Personal Collections
Chances are if you’re reading INVISION you’re an eyewear lover ... but even connoisseurs have their favorites. So we want to know “What’s in Your Collection?” Below, share some of the faves in your personal collection, vintage or current. Tell us why they are favorites and we may get in touch to feature them in a future issue of INVISION.


* 10. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. That's it -- the big hand is closing in on the four-minute mark. If you have any comments about the magazine or the industry in general, please let us know here. Don't forget, you can see all the responses to the survey questions via the link on our thank-you page (that's coming up as soon as you press Done!)
And to find out which lucky eyecare pro scored that $50 voucher, look out for our next survey. We'll announce the winner in the email.