2017 Local Author Festival: Conversations with....

The Avon Free Public Library's Local Author Festival returns for its fourth year! The Festival will be held in the Avon Library’s Community Room during the months of June, July, and August, 2017.

To date, 105 authors have been part of this festival, including Archer Mayor, James Frey, Matthew Dicks, audiobook reader Johnny Heller, and a host of other New England writing talent. Fiction, mystery, history, biography, children’s, and poetry authors have all been part of the Local Author Festival. 

The series includes a featured author event and continues with genre nights that allow writers to share their works with our audience throughout the summer.

Our featured presenter for 2017 is Jessica Robinson, author of New England Farmgirl, who will visit the Avon Library on the afternoon of Thursday, June 29, 2017, and visit Sub Edge Farm on the afternoon of Friday, June 30, 2017.

2014 focused on publishing;
2015 focused on the reader experience;
2016 focused on characters, and introduced the panel format for author presentations;

This year’s theme is “Conversations.”

What do you want to talk with other authors about? What do your characters have to say to each other? What does an in-depth conversation mean within a world of constant distractions?  

Genres and program dates for this year's festival will be determined AFTER the survey closes. This allows for the largest number of authors and presentations to be included.

Authors will not be paid for their appearance, but may sell their books at their event.

Completing this survey is not a guarantee of admission to the festival. Each event will feature 3-4 authors discussing their work in a sole 20 minute presentation or as part of a panel format.

Please take a moment to complete this survey, referring to the book you would like to have featured at the festival. Preference will be given to FARMINGTON VALLEY authors first.

This survey closes at 5:00 pm on Friday, March 17, 2017. We will notify you of your acceptance with details about the event in late April. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Thank you,

Tina Panik & Cyndi Larsen,
Avon Library Reference Department




* 1. What topic would you like to discuss with our audience? (Submit a subject, key word, or phrase)

* 2. Have you participated in any of the previous Local Author Festivals?

* 3. Please tell us about your summer schedule and availability (we try to accommodate vacations).
You can select more than one timeslot.

* 4. Which program format would you prefer?

* 5. Please complete this contact information:

* 6. Which genre does the book you would like featured in our festival fall into? (If you have published numerous titles, please select the one you want to focus on this summer.)

* 7. What is the title of the book you would like to feature?

* 8. Please describe your book in one sentence.

* 9. What is the ISBN of your featured book?

* 10. Who is the publisher of your featured book?
(List publishing house name, or indicate if self published)

* 11. Has your featured book been reviewed professionally?
If YES, please provide the name of the publication/website that reviewed it

* 12. Have you presented/book talked this book at other venues? If yes, please check all that apply:

* 13. Anything else you would like to add?