Panelist Nomination Instructions and Categories

Every year, the Department of Arts and Culture looks for prospective panelists to serve on review panels for our programs. Descriptions for each are available below. This form allows you to nominate up to four panelists for one or more programs by providing their information below. To nominate other individuals at a later date or if you would like to nominate more than four individuals at a time, you may use the same link to provide additional nominations.

Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis and we will be updating our list quarterly. Honorariums are provided for panelists who participate in a grant review panel or artist selection committee.

Organizational Grant Program (OGP)

Support for nonprofit arts organizations based in Los Angeles County.

Community Impact Arts Grant (CIAG)

Support for arts programming at Los Angeles County-based nonprofits that use the arts to support their mission while primarily providing a wider range of services and programs.

Civic Art

Identifying artists and design professionals for participation on Arts and Culture's Civic Art Project Coordination Committees.

Advancement Grant

Support to Los Angeles County school districts working to provide quality arts education to all students.