* 1. Every Port’s main function is economic development. How do you think the Port of Allyn should accomplish this?

* 2. Every Port’s main function is economic development. How do you think the Port of Allyn should accomplish this?

* 3. Every Port is mandated to update its Comprehensive Plan annually. In that plan, each Port outlines and prioritizes its projects. The Port of Allyn outlined 7 projects in 2017, and prioritized them as follows:
1  Establish an Ongoing Series of Classes for New Entrepreneurs
2  Bring Water and Power To The Allyn Marina
3  Complete the Sargent Oyster House Restoration Project
4  Develop a first-class destination Soccer and Baseball combination sports complex.
5  Develop a Commercial and/or Light Industrial Park.
6  Develop a Commercial Indoor and/or Outdoor Shooting Range
7  Develop Sweetwater ParK
Progress was made on some of these efforts in 2017 – specifically Project #1 was completed and will continue into 2018; Project #2 funding is the subject of a grant application, and has moved forward to the federal level evaluation process. However, the final outcome won’t be known until late in 2018; Project #3 had significant progress made, but still has more to be done and faces at least 3 more years of fundraising and work. Project #7 is a joint project with the NMSD and the Salmon Center. It is now waiting for the Department of Ecology to sign off on a federal Brownfield Site Cleanup to give it a green light.
Please put these projects in your personal priority order

* 4. Funding for projects is often the key to which projects get done and which ones don’t. The Port has limited resources other than what is budgeted in its 2018 Capital budget. Several items in the Capital Budget are carried over from 2017, with no new funding earmarked. Knowing this, how should the Port fund each of your priority projects?
*A Port is only allowed to create only 2 Industrial Development Districts in its lifetime. The Port of Allyn has already created one, and can only create one more. The total amount of money it could assess is limited to 45 cents per thousand of assessed value. Based upon 2017 property tax valuations, it could potentially raise $672,033 per year for a maximum of 7 years, for a grand total of $4,704,231.

* 5. Other than the projects identified above, for 2018, the Port is considering becoming involved with the Salmon Center on a trail project from Belfair State Park to connect with the trails at the Theler Center. Do you support this project?

* 6. The Port is also considering building a skateboard park at Beards Cove. The Beards Cove owners association would take ownership of the skateboard park after it was completed and become responsible for all ongoing maintenance. Do you support this project?

* 7. What other projects would you like to see the Port pursue?