2019 Public Input Survey

This survey is available at www.rvarc.org. If you need assistance completing this survey, please call Rachel Ruhlen at (540) 343-4417, email rruhlen@rvarc.org, or visit 313 Luck Ave SW, Roanoke VA 24016.

The Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization (RVTPO) must provide public notice and opportunity to comment when amending the 2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). For local governments and agencies to accept federal funds that have already been authorized by the Virginia Department of Transportation or the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, the RVTPO must add these project to the TIP. 

While we understand that there are many other transportation needs, the funds under consideration are available only for the projects described.

Question Title

* 1. How important do you feel these projects are to the Roanoke Valley's transportation system?

  Extremely important Very important Moderately important Slightly important Not at all important
US 220 at International Parkway Intersection Reconfiguration
Botetourt County
Estimate $4,551,000
Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrows
Roanoke City
Estimate $277,000
Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons for pedestrian crossings
Roanoke City
Estimate $108,000
Pedestrian Countdown Signal at Gainsboro Rd./Burrell St. and Orange Ave./US 460
Roanoke City
Estimate $102,000
State Road 118 Tunnel Lighting Improvements at Airport Rd
Roanoke City
Estimate $385,000
Orange Ave (US 460) Improvements from King St. to Blue Hills/Mexico Way
Roanoke City
Estimate $2,819,000
Walnut Ave. Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations from Lee Ave. to 1st St.
Estimate $545,000
Pedestrian Improvements on Route 11/Williamson Rd. from Clubhouse Dr. to south of Greenway Dr.
Roanoke County
Estimate $740,000
Williamson Road Sidewalk Improvements from Peters Creek Rd. to Plantation Rd.
Roanoke County
Estimate $1,934,000
Route 419/U.S.220 Diverging Diamond Interchange
Roanoke County
Estimate $17,505,000
Support vehicles (non-passenger) for Valley Metro and STAR operations
Valley Metro
Estimate $100,000
Engineering & Design of a Transit Facility to Replace Campbell Court
Valley Metro
Estimate $600,000

Question Title

* 2. Please enter any other comments you have regarding these amendments to the Transportation Improvement Program.