Invitation to complete the survey

The American Medical Association is asking physicians to answer an 8-10 minute survey so that we can better support you in treating patients with pain during the COVID-19 pandemic and determine what policies put in place during the pandemic may be helpful as the country begins to resume activity. We know that you may have been asked to complete multiple surveys in the past few months, but this is the first we are aware of to focus on treatment for patients with pain.

We will use the results of this survey to advocate on your behalf, and on behalf of your patients, to ensure that physicians across the nation have the resources and support they need to navigate the weeks and months ahead.

We will share the results of this survey through regular AMA communications.

Results to numerical questions will only be presented in aggregate, and open-ended comments we might highlight will not include any identifying information. 

Please click on the link to continue.  You can start the survey and return to finish it at a later time if needed.  Feel free to contact at the AMA with any questions.

Thank you in advance,
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