Auckland Regional Network - NZDSN

This survey creates the foundation to the APEC Team workshop at the Auckland Regional Network meeting on Wed 15th Nov. Please complete this survey with your organisation's priorities in mind - what is most important for 2024?

The survey results will be used to identify the top priority topics as a collective to workshop on the day. They will also feed into NZDSN’s Strategic Planning review.

Please only choose your top 3 priorities. If you have a priority that is quite different to what is offered here, you can write it in the 'other' box below. 
Please complete this survey by Fri 27th October.

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* 1. What are your organisation's TOP 3 PRIORITIES for 2024?
Please only select 3 of the items listed.

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* 2. What key area or impact do you think we should focus on as Auckland Providers aiming to collectively embed EGL Principles?