* 1. Which stakeholder group do you most identify with?

* 2. Which Municipality do you live in?

* 3. List of Major Plants - as referenced in the updated draft Matters Related to Assessment and Taxation Regulation.

The Matters Related to Assessment and Taxation regulation is the primary regulation for property assessment and property taxation, which:
  • defines several important terms related to property assessment;
  • provides a broad range of rules for assessing properties, requesting information pertaining to property and property assessments, and levying property taxes; and
  • provides assessment and tax exemptions for farm residences and farm buildings, describes the process for preparing equalized assessment, and authorizes assessment audits. 
What's ChangingThe Modernized Municipal Government Act:
  • defines designated industrial property as major plants, properties regulated by provincial and federal regulators, linear property, and rail property;
  • centralizes the assessment of all designated industrial property within Municipal Affairs with costs associated with centralizing assessment being recovered from designated industrial property owners;
  • establishes that all appeals related to designated industrial property will be heard by the Municipal Government Board;
  • establishes that all farm buildings in urban and rural municipalities will not be assessed or charged municipal or education property taxes;
  • establishes provisions to phase in farm building exemptions in urban municipalities over five years; and
  • establishes that farmland will continue to be assessed as farmland until it is no longer used for farming operations, which will be clarified in regulations associated with the MGA.
This regulation was drafted to accompany the above processes and proposes to:
  • reference a List of Major Plants to be considered Designated Industrial Property;
  • update several definitions related to industrial property and include some definitions currently found in the MGA;
  • update the definition of ‘farming operations’;
  • establish a valuation standard for land and buildings on Designated Industrial Property sites; and
  • remove the existing expiry date on the regulation.
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