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TIDC\TCDLA\HCPDO Future Indigent Defense Leaders

Before you apply for this application: 

1.  Please have a letter of recommendation in PDF/Acrobat format 
2. Please have a headshot of yourself in jpeg format 
3. Please have your resume in PDF/Acrobat format 

Is FIDL a good fit for you at this time?

Full participation in FIDL is required to be considered for the program. Barring an emergency, every member of the FIDL CORE 101 Program is required to attend all training sessions in their entirety. This means program participants are expected to be present and prepared two weeks in April 2023, and continue to be present at all sessions until the culmination of the programming. You should not schedule a flight to leave the Institute before 5:00 PM (CST) on the final day. If you cannot commit to attending for the entirety of the Institute, you should not apply to be a member of the CORE 101 class.

Non-completion of Spring Institute will require the individual to re-applying the next year to continue with the CORE 101 program. Required training sessions include the full two weeks of Spring Institute, and five additional weekend meetings (Friday-Sunday) approximately every six months thereafter.

Participants also commit to promptly responding to requests for information from FIDL staff to facilitate the administration of the FIDL CORE 101 program. Receiving information in a timely manner is critical to prevent delays to the entirety of the program.
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