SLVUSD Parent LCAP Survey

We are seeking input that directly impacts your child. This short survey will help the district set budget priorities and determine goals and actions for our Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). Please take the survey more than once if you have more than one child in our schools. Thank you for your input.

* 1. I have a child in this school:

* 2. My child is in this grade:

* 3. My child is successful in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

* 4. My child is able to understand math concepts at his/her grade level.

* 5. My child is learning critical thinking skills in school.

* 6. My child is learning how to use appropriate technology to enhance his/her learning.

* 7. What suggestions do you have regarding student learning in SLVUSD?

* 8. I feel that my child is learning about college and career at school.

* 9. My child has future plans that include college and career training.

* 10. What suggestions do you have regarding college and career readiness in SLVUSD?

* 11. My child feels connected to his/her school.

* 12. As a parent, I have opportunities to contribute to the school learning community.

* 13. What suggestions do you have for student and parent involvement in SLVUSD?