Financial Aid Application-Summer Camp 2024

Thank you for your interest in our financial assistance. It is our hope that everyone should be able to participate in our programs which offer unplugged, mostly outdoor fun, with games, art, and other explorations in community. We have options from 20-75% off camper or CIT fees, based on the $1918 3 week rate for camp (or pro-rated for shorter sessions).  We do not have total scholarships. For our JC program, our lowest fee tier is the lowest we can offer, so there is no financial aid for that program. Assistance is limited, since we are a small business, with no outside scholarship funding, so apply as soon as possible. 

This is on the honor system and we do not require financial paperwork, thank you for being truthful in your answers. After filling out the survey, email us at so we can review your application ASAP.

We will email you with a decision, usually within one week, and give you one week to accept, fill out forms, and either pay the full balance or pay 1/3 deposit and set up three monthly installments.
1.Parent/Guardian Name(Required.)
2.Telephone Number (enter dashes)(Required.)
4.Please enter Address.(Required.)
5.Employer's Name, or indicate if self-employed or unemployed.(Required.)
6.How many people live in your household?(Required.)
7.Children's Name, date of birth and pronoun, for example: Maya Lugo, 5/5/2014, she/her. Add all here.(Required.)
8.Current school they attend (or name if homeschooled)(Required.)
9.New to Monkey Business Camp or Return?(Required.)
10.To my best knowledge, I agree that my child will be able to participate successfully in a camp with a staff to camper ratio of 1 staff to 9 campers.
This means they are able to focus on an activity for at least 20 minutes, they are kind to others, they listen to staff (yes, we know occasionally they might need to hear something repeated, but overall can attend), they are able to transition from one activity to another, they have been able to participate in other programs without issues.  See more on our policies page on our website if you want more info. 
11.Which camp(s) would you like to attend and what discount do you request? Lowest tier pricing for campers and counselor in training (CIT) youth leaders below, so when you request percentage off, it would be off that amount.

If you do not see a camp session here, that means it is no longer available for scholarships.
Request 20% off
Request 30% off
Request 40% off
Request 50% off
Request 60% off
Request 75% off
August 12-August 16 (one week) - $648
12.Total household monthly income before taxes, including wages, social security, disability, child support, etc.(Required.)
13.Please explain why you are applying for a scholarship. Share relevant family income, expenses, lack of savings or investments, and/or any barriers you have, financial or otherwise, to paying the standard tuition.
If you have a salary above $75,000, ideally include a budget of expenses, so we understand how there is a need for scholarship instead of a no-fee payment plan.  
If you received a scholarship in the past two years, and nothing has changed, you can enter "no significant changes since our last application".
14.In acknowledgment of how systemic racism has affected the ability of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color financially, we would like to give special consideration to applicants from these communities if they opt to share this information with us. Please check yes if you identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color. If not, skip this question.
15.I acknowledge, by checking yes below, that all the information on my application is true, accurate, and complete, to the best of my knowledge and I authorize Monkey Business Camp, Inc. to verify it. I acknowledge that I have read all the policies and procedures and agree to abide by the Monkey Business Camp guidelines.(Required.)
FINAL STEP: Please email us at to let us know that you submitted this survey, so that we can review your application ASAP.  You can copy and paste this text: "Hello, I just submitted a scholarship application.  Thank you!"