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Dear Community Resident,

We need your help in shaping the future of housing in Kalamazoo County. You are being asked to share your thoughts on housing through this survey. Your answers will become part of a county-wide housing plan. This plan will help local governments, nonprofits, and developers provide housing that meets the needs of our community. The results of the survey and the housing plan will be published in Spring 2022. None of your personal information will be collected, stored or reported through this survey.

Our county faces many challenges. They include affordability, supply of workforce and senior housing and housing for people who are homeless. In 2020, an increase to the county-wide housing millage was approved through a public vote. The original millage helped more than 500 families with a .10 mill property tax. The new .75 mill property tax will be collected for eight years. It can make a real difference. The “Homes for All” millage was designed to address many issues in housing.

Your answers to this survey can help shape how these funds are spent. Thank you for your time and service.

All of the questions in this survey refer to the household address in which you currently live. The survey will take about five minutes to complete.
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