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Examining Bases of Knowledge and Attribution in Law

The purpose of this research study is to determine how much knowledge the average person has about the law. You are being asked to participate you are an American citizen who is old enough to vote and to serve as a juror in criminal and civil trial proceedings. Participation in this research study is completely voluntary. You will be involved in this study for one (1) day, for one (1) session, each session lasting for no more than 30 minutes. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in this study. The lead researcher, Adam Sanford, M.A., plans to enroll 1000 participants at this site. This study is a student project and has no outside funding sources.

The study will be conducted online at You will be asked to categorize some activities and explain why you categorized them the way you did, as well as providing demographic information. This study will last for no more than 30 minutes.

This study involves no more than minimal risk. There are no known harms or discomforts associated with this study beyond those encountered in daily life. This study can help us better understand the general population's understanding of law.

Participation in this research study is completely voluntary. The alternative to participation is to not participate in this study.

Your research records (computer-based data) will be stored in an encrypted format on a password protected computer. The research team will have access to your data. The data will be collected anonymously. Your decision to participate or not participate will not be shared with others. The research data will be maintained indefinitely. If during the course of this study, significant new information becomes available that may relate to your willingness to continue to participate, this information will be provided to you by the investigator.

If you have any questions about this research, you may contact the investigator of this study, Adam Sanford MA, Department of Sociology, at, and the faculty advisor of this study, Robert Hanneman Ph.D., Department of Sociology, 951-827-3638,

If you have any comments or questions regarding the conduct of this research or your rights as a research subject, please contact the Office of Research Integrity by phone (951-827-4811/4810/6332), by email ( or at University Office Bldg #200, Riverside, CA 92521.

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* 1. If you have read and understood this consent statement, and you agree to participate, please click the YES button below. If you do not agree to participate, please click the NO button, or simply close the browser window.

I understand that participation in this study is voluntary. I may refuse to answer any question or discontinue my involvement at any time without penalty or loss of benefits to which I might otherwise be entitled. By clicking the “YES” button below, I indicate that I have read the information in this consent form and have had a chance to ask any questions I have about the study.