What is this standby list for?

Kitsap Public Health is operating COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Poulsbo and Bremerton, City of Bainbridge Island and partners are operating the clinic on Bainbridge Island. Sometimes we have unused vaccine doses that need to be administered on short notice. We will call people from this standby list as needed to fill appointments for unused vaccine.

Being added to this standby list does not guarantee you will be vaccinated. If you are vaccinated on standby, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a second dose at our clinic.

The standby list is not a waitlist for scheduled vaccine appointments.

If you are currently eligible to get vaccinated, please register for a Kitsap Public Health vaccine clinic appointment at kphd.timetap.com or find a list of vaccine providers posted at covidvaccinewa.org

Who can sign up for this list?

This list is open to people 16 or older who have at least one health condition that puts them at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. We are prioritizing vaccination for people who are at higher risk from COVID-19. See the CDC’s website for a list of qualifying health conditions.

How does standby work?

On days when our vaccine clinics are operating, we will call people from this list as needed to put them on standby for unused vaccine. If you do not answer your phone, we will not leave a message.

We will instruct people called for standby to travel to the vaccination site at a specific time to wait in case unused doses are available, typically after 2pm.
If doses are available, we will invite people on standby at the vaccination site into the clinic to get vaccinated.

If no doses are available, we will call people on standby at the vaccination site to let them know that they no longer need to wait.
Questions? Email : covidvaccine@kitsappublichealth.org

Please answer the questions below to put your name on a standby list for any available COVID-19 vaccine at Kitsap Public Health District or City of Bainbridge Island vaccine clinics. 

Question Title

* 1. Are you 16 years or older and have at least one underlying health condition that puts you at higher risk for COVID-19?