1. Welcome to the Kirby Preparedness Survey

 The Town of Kirby is currently engaged in a planning process to become less vulnerable to disasters 
caused by natural hazards, and your participation is important to us!

The Hazard Mitigation Committee is working on developing a Hazard Mitigation Plan. The purpose of this 
plan is to identify and assess the Town's natural hazard risks (such as flooding, winter storms, hurricanes 
and earthquakes) and determine how to best minimize or manage those risks. Upon completion, this plan 
will be presented to the Town for adoption and submitted to the Vermont Division of Emergency 
Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for 
review and approval.

This survey provides an opportunity for you to share your opinions and participate in the mitigation planning 
process. The information you provide will help us better understand your hazard concerns and can lead to 
mitigation activities that should help lessen the impacts of future disasters. Participation in this survey is 
voluntary and none of the information you provide will be attributed to you directly. 

If you have any questions regarding this survey, or would like to learn about more ways you can participate 
in the development of the Hazard Mitigation Plan, please contact Rebecca Hill-Larsen, Selectboard Clerk at 402-
218-9819 or beccanterry@gmail.com.

* 1. Have you ever been impacted physically, financially or emotionally by a natural disaster in Kirby?

* 2. Is your home at risk to any of the following hazards? Check all that apply.

* 3. Which of these disasters have you experienced? How concerned are you about each of them?

  I have experienced I am VERY concerned I am neutral I am Not concerned
Dam Failure
Extreme Temperatures
Ice Jams
Invasive Species
Severe Thunderstorm
Severe Winter Storm

* 4. Where do you live?

* 5. Do you have flood insurance?

* 6. If you do NOT have flood insurance, why not?

* 7. Do you live in a floodplain?

* 8. What is the most effective way for you to receive information about how to make your home and town more resilient to natural hazards? Check all that apply.

* 9. How important are each of the following community assets to you?

  Very Important Neutral Not Important
Town Hall
Town Garage
South Kirby School House

* 10. Let us know your priorities regarding planning for natural hazards in your community.

  Very Important Neutral Not Important
Protecting private property
Preventing new development in high hazard areas
Enhancing the natural environment
Protecting historical properties
Protecting and reducing damage to utilities
Promoting cooperation among public and private agencies

* 11. What have you done to prepare for a disaster?

  Have done Plan to Not done
Developed a "household/family emergency plan?
Prepared a disaster supply kit
Been trained in first aid and CPR in the last year
Installed smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
Discussed utility shutoff procedure in the event of a disaster
Have a generator for temporary power

* 12. Would you like information regarding flood insurance or flood mitigation?

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