1. Survey

This is a survey administered by the Montana School Boards Association (MTSBA) on behalf of Kalispell Public Schools to assist the Board of Trustees in the hiring of a new Superintendent.  Your participation in providing input on this survey is and will remain anonymous. We do not track IP addresses of those participating in this survey and only ask that you provide the demographic information requested in Question #1.  MTSBA will be gathering the results of this survey, the intent of which is to help the Board identity the experience, qualifications, and qualities the staff and community would like to see in the next Superintendent of Kalispell Public Schools.   

The Board appreciates your time and assistance in completing this important survey.

Thank you.

MTSBA (on behalf of the Kalispell Board of Trustees)

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* 1. I am responding to this survey primarily as (please select one):

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* 2. The three most critical functions the Superintendent must focus on at this time are (please select up to 3):

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* 3. I want a Superintendent who:

  I consider this to be not important. I have no strong view on the matter. I consider this to be somewhat important. I consider this to be very important. I consider this absolutely necessary.
Embraces the Mission and Vision of the District in the day-to-day operations.
Has experience in school law and policy development.
Has experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum and instruction with the goal of improving student achievement.
Has the ability to inspire creative problem solving and cooperation on the part of a diverse community and staff.
Is a person who will, above all other qualities, commit and defend what is ultimately best for the students.
Has a high level of integrity.
Will work openly with the news media.
Is an articulate leader who presents a positive presence that will increase parental involvement and community support for the school district.
Has demonstrated leadership skills.
Has experience in recruiting and retaining outstanding personnel.
Is knowledgeable in the use of technology in academic and management programs of the district.
Has experience in budget planning and implementation. 
Supports board and employee training and self-improvement plans.

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* 4. What is the single-most important quality that is needed for the next Superintendent to effectively lead Kalispell Public Schools.

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* 5. If you could ask one question of the new superintendent, what would it be?