The Glenn Koons Scholarship Fund was established to help individuals in mental health recovery with costs associated with Certified Peer Specialist training.

Applications are being accepted for June 2018 scholarship distribution.

Applicants will be notified whether they were accepted two weeks before the June 26 PMHCA Annual Meeting.
Application Deadline: Friday, May 11, 2018

* 1. Address

* 3. When and where do you expect to take the Certified Peer Specialist training?

* 4. What in your lived experience led you to want to become a Certified Peer Specialist?

* 5. How do you intend to utilize the skills obtained from the CPS training?

* 6. List your current involvement/membership/affiliations with consumer, activist or advocacy oriented groups/associations:

* 7. Have you accessed any other resources in order to have this need met? (i.e. mental health providers, county mental health agencies, BH MCO's, OVR) If so, please list:

* 8. Were you able to obtain any funding from those resources? If so, please list:

* 9. How will you use the scholarship funds to defray expenses involved in the training?

* 10. Please list any information that would represent your diversity, uniqueness, and lived experience: