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What is the consultation for?
The European Union (EU) wants your help!

The EU is a group of countries in Europe that work together on various issues such the rights of its citizens. Its government is the European Commission.

The European Commission is preparing two major pieces of work for children:

1. A Strategy on how the EU and countries in the EU best can protect child rights. Children have many rights, which are all described in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Strategy will try to help ensure that they are all met for all children. It will be published at the beginning of 2021.

2. A Child Guarantee initiative which will work to make sure that every child in the EU has access to all the services they need so that they have an equal chance to develop themselves and reach their full potential.

And they are asking for your input to this work.

Why is your opinion important?
The Commission wants to find out from children and young people what are their experiences and whether their rights are being met.

We would like to hear directly from you, as “children are experts on children”. with the most direct experience of own lives. You can help the EU to better understand the challenges you face and help us prioritize and suggest solutions.

How will you be consulted?
This survey has been written to get your input. Four international organisations have been helping the European Commission to prepare it. These organisations are UNICEF, Save the Children, EuroChild, World Vision International and Child Fund Alliance and we hope to reach out to children all over Europe to complete it.  You do not have to live in an EU country to complete it. We expect that the questions will take between 20-30 minutes at most to complete. We have been helped by an advisory group of children and young people to make sure the questions are ‘child-friendly’ and make sense for you. All of your inputs will be compiled in a report, which will inform the development of the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child and the Child Guarantee.

The survey answers are completely confidential. Your answers will be anonymous, and you will not be asked for your name.

Taking part in this survey is completely voluntary. If you decide to take part, please click ‘Yes’ and next below and that will take you to the survey questions. If you do not want to take part, you can just leave the survey by clicking the X at the top of the screen. If you agree and then change your mind you can stop taking part by clicking out of the survey. You can skip any question you do not want to answer by scrolling down to the next question or clicking the NEXT button at the bottom of each page.

If at any point during the survey you want to talk to someone about your thoughts, feelings or problems, follow this link to find a child helpline in your country.

The reports as well as the final Strategy and Guarantee will be made publicly available and be shared with all children that have been involved in the process.

Once they are adopted, we will give you feedback on how your opinions have informed the Strategy on the rights of the child. Stay tuned.

We want this EU strategy on the rights of the child to be for and with children.

Thank you! We are extremely grateful for your participation!

Question Title

* 1. Do you agree to take part in the survey?

Question Title

* 2. Is anybody helping you (the child) with the survey?

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* 3. Are you under 15 years old?

If you are under 15, you will need to ask permission from your parent or caregiver to participate in this survey. You will now be taken to a page that will give your parents some information about the survey and your participation. You should consult them before responding.