The questions in this survey are intended to stimulate your thinking and give you the insights you need to target the right next job situation for you.

The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete.

To avoid survey fatigue, you may want complete the survey in two or three sessions. You can do a part of the survey and come back to where you left off just by clicking on the survey link you were provided.

So "Why complete this survey?".

You want to get the right next job faster and without a lot of frustration and wasted time - right?

You also want to get a job in a company with the right culture and future where you can excel being you and that offers great career potential – right?

To do that you need to be very clear on what defines the right job situation for you including:

    - What you really like to do

    - What you are good at

    - Your strengths and gaps

    - Your passions and interests

    - The type of company for you

    - The type of boss you want

    - The work environment you need

    - The right job role scope and duties

Neil Love
Career Coach


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11% of survey complete.