Thank you for participating in the development of GoodWeave's Apparel, Fashion Jewelry and Home Textiles Standard.  This survey is part of our second round of consultation and reflects changes made after receiving feedback from over 140 stakeholders on our original draft during the months of April-June 2017. 

This survey is open through December 31, 2017. 

Before starting the survey, please review the full draft Standard.  You can also review the overview, which contains the table of main changes to the Standard based on the first round of consultation.    

We encourage you to provide explanations and examples underlying your answers to the questions in this survey.

Please remember that guidance will support the Standard and there will be clear auditing protocols that will provide methods for verification of the criteria. 

Furthermore, this Standard sets out the minimum requirements.  There may be progress requirements in the future that might include issues related to freedom of association, discrimination, working conditions and/or environmental impacts.  This Standard is our starting point for testing application of the GoodWeave system in the sector. 

Following the consultation period, a compilation of the results and comments will be provided to you and made publicly available on the GoodWeave website. All information you provide will not be attributable to you or your organization. If you have any questions regarding the draft Standard or consultation process, please contact Biko Nagara at