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Nursing has held the top spot for 16 years in the Gallup Poll as the most trusted profession. It's great for the nursing profession to receive positive public recognition, however, are nurses getting paid what they should?  The interactive results of this survey will allow you to see how your salary stacks up against other nurses with similar experience and level of education.

Salary is a definite factor for those looking for a job. It also plays a big factor in retaining nurses. But there are other factors that impact retention rates even more. Work environment and nurse-patient staffing ratios are more important to the nurse who is trying to decide whether or not to leave.

This year, in addition to obtaining salary data, we are seeking information about nurse/patient staffing ratios. This is your time to speak up. Join thousands of nurses who will be providing information about staffing ratios. The allnurses team will be going to Washington DC in April to attend the #NursesTakeDC rally. We will take the data you provide through this survey and share it with our country's legislators as they will be voting on proposed legislation to address unsafe staffing. Let your voice be heard!  Your feedback is important.

This survey is only for licensed nurses in the United States, U.S. territories, and Canadian Provinces. Please answer the questions as they relate to your primary nursing job. If you have more than one nursing job, you may fill out an additional survey using a different IP address.

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