Organizations are increasingly making data protection and security a priority due to the large number of data breaches reported over the past few years—a trend which, unfortunately, has shown no sign of abating since we entered 2016.

Data-centric security is intended to support an organization's overall data loss prevention (DLP) strategy in conjunction with other enterprise security incident and event management environments. In practice, data-centric security focuses on protecting an organization's sensitive data as opposed to protecting the computer networks and applications—as is the case with more traditional security models which primarily function by implementing a security perimeter designed to keep bad actors out. 

This confidential survey seeks to gauge the various trends impacting organizations' data security protection practices, and the extent to which organizations are using data-centric practices and technologies. 

I want to thank you in advance for taking our survey. Your input is much appreciated, because it allows us to separate fact from hype. I will provide you with important trends and findings in upcoming Cutter Consortium research. 

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Curt Hall
Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant

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* 1. Depending on the size of your company, you may want to respond to the questions in this survey for the whole enterprise or for a specific division. To which of the following will your answers apply?

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* 2. Does your organization maintain sensitive data in cloud platforms or applications?

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* 3. How concerned are you about your organization's maintaining sensitive data in cloud platforms or applications?