WCNjobs Participant Exit Survey - Page 1

This survey is all about asking participants their opinion, and making our service better for you as a result.  Your feedback will be used by the company to identify priority areas for action and follow-up, and ensure that our service meets your needs in finding and keeping a job. The survey is entirely anonymous and not compulsory in any way.
All information provided will be treated in strict confidence and will be used for improvement purposes only. The survey is both anonymous and confidential. WCNjobs will provide a secure process for the submission of responses and guarantees details that could allow identification of individuals will not be released

Instructions for completing this questionnaire

For this questionnaire, please indicate your answers by clicking the box which best fits with your opinion or situation. Please select only one response. A comments section is provided towards the end of the survey and you are encouraged to provide comments or suggestions for improvement in that space.
SECTION A: General Information

Question Title

* 1. What is your current age?