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Forging business connections is critical to the success of the INA and our members. Our goal is to create an environment that allows members the opportunity to inform others of their specific solution or product.

Prior to our meeting in January of 2023, attendees and members of the INA told us that the volume of email messages received in advance of the event made it impossible to discern which solutions were a fit for their business. To address this issue, the INA Advisory Committee has recommended the establishment of a best practice policy to assist service providers in developing a strategy for communicating with potential business partners in the group.

In an effort to ensure you continue to have the ability to describe your solution/product to a receptive audience, we will be implementing the email solicitation policy at the link below. Please provide the requested acknowledgement in the document.

The following policy will be in place for all INA events:
  • Spend time with the attendee lists to focus on your most likely business prospects. A targeted outreach will benefit you and other members.
  • A total of two email solicitations are permitted in the lead up to a meeting. There are approximately six attendee lists updated every other week prior to each event with a final list published the week before the meeting.
  • Phone calls to schedule meetings at INA events should originate from the individual who will be attending the event. Call center marketing to schedule appointments for company officials is not acceptable.
  • Direct mail with follow up phone contact is acceptable.
  • Email communication after each event should be reserved for individuals with whom you have connected during the meeting.
  • Emails should comply with the CAN-SPAM Act governing email communication. Requests to be removed from further email solicitation must be honored.
The INA team will monitor compliance with this policy, and address violations with suggested strategies that meet the above-mentioned expectations. Repeated violations will be discussed with the INA Advisory Committee and may affect continued membership.

To further support the businesses of INA Service Providers, the Association will take the following steps:
  • Development of regular communication with INA members highlighting the solutions of individual service provider members. Click here to submit your information using our online form.
  • Distribution of three email messages to all registered attendees prior to each event with information about participating service providers, the location of their trade show table (if using), a link to the service provider page on the INA website, and a link to request a meeting with specific service providers. The INA team will distribute these meeting requests. Service provider profiles will also be displayed in the event mobile app.
We appreciate the value service provider members bring to the Alliance, and hope our efforts provide greater returns on your investment in the INA.

Thank you.

Ray Scotto
INA Executive Director
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