We invite you to submit a proposal for a concurrent session presentation and be a part of this virtual event, which is our second joint environmental education conference between Kansas and Missouri. It's a great opportunity to share your experience and ideas across the region! Individuals who have not presented at the Kansas or Missouri Environmental Education Conference in the past are especially encouraged to submit proposals.
The conference will take place during the week of November 3-5, 2021, with both live and prerecorded sessions.  If you are wanting to do a live presentation or workshop, please note that we will work with you for the exact timing of your session, but that availability during this week will be necessary.  

NOTE:  If you are submitting more than one proposal, please complete a separate submission for each session proposal.  
Session Types:  
~ Workshop Format (Live, maximum of 16 people and interactive, virtual classroom experience)
~ Prerecorded or Live Traditional Presentations with only Q&A and Polling for interaction with live sessions (participants can type in questions and participate in polls during the session)
~ Open Space Session - Propose a topic and agree to facilitate live with 16 maximum (interactive similar to a virtual classroom experience)
~ Panel Discussion - Live with Q&A and Polling for interaction (participants can type in questions and participate in polls during the session)
Strand Topics:
EE in the Classroom: These sessions will focus on classroom projects, strategies and programs for formal education settings.

Green Schools: These sessions will focus on ideas for engaging students, staff and community in greening schools indoors and on the school grounds, outdoor classrooms or Outdoor Wildlife Learning Sites (OWLS), could include healthy school initiatives, green design and more.

EE In the Community: These sessions will focus on EE projects, strategies and programs for EE in the community and nonformal EE. For Kansas, includes Kansas WILD

Early Childhood: These sessions will focus on programs, projects and strategies for engaging young children and families in EE in formal and informal settings.

Justice/Equity/Inclusion/Diversity/Accessibility (JEDIA) in EE: These sessions will focus on learning more about the importance of JEDIA work in EE, strategies for personal and/or organizational development around JEDIA, exploring best practices in JEDIA, and/or resources and tools for JEDIA work in EE.  For definitions of these terms, see this glossary.
PROPOSAL FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN AUGUST 26, 2021. Presenters will be notified of session acceptance by SEPTEMBER 10, 2021. To submit a proposal, complete this form. All presenters must register for the conference and pay registration fees. Presenters receive 10% off their registration fees! 

For more information, please contact the following: 
Laura Downey, 785-532-3322 or
Lesli Moylan, 314-368-0500 or

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Please indicate the type of audience(s) for which your presentation or poster will have greatest appeal. You may check more than one category.

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* 6. How does your presentation address the strand you've chosen?