Tips and Information for Nominators

Important Notes:
  • RECOMMENDED: Save the information you want to submit in a Word document, before you start, in case you experience any technical difficulties with the online system.
  • To preview all of the questions you will need to respond to, so you can prepare in advance, you can access sample of the questions on the nomination form at: 
How This Online System Works:
You can work on the nomination at different times and come back to it/submit it later.
- Clicking "NEXT" saves the content on each page. If you don't click next before exiting the system, your content will not be saved.
- When you come back to this website, it will start you at the beginning of the nomination form (this page) again... but your content should be saved in the system - click next and your already entered information should be in the form.
* Please contact us if you're unsure how much information was saved in your nomination, we can forward you a copy of what info. is already saved in the system.
NOTE: You will only be able to submit ONE nomination through this link.
If you need to submit multiple nominations, please contact Danika and she will send you additional links, or you can submit your nomination in Word if necessary.
For an existing/incomplete nomination, to add more information/edit later, you can use the same link you clicked to access this system  to come back to your partially completed nomination to edit existing responses and add more information as needed, up until you click "DONE" at the end of the nomination form. After you click "DONE" and your nomination form is submitted, you will no longer be able to edit that nomination.
-Mandatory questions have a "*" in front of the question number. You will not be able to proceed to the next page of the form or submit the nomination until the mandatory questions are answered. 
-To submit multiple nominations, you will need to get a second (or third) link from Danika. Please contact her at or (306)343-3582. Or submit offline in a Word document, by email.