Greetings and welcome to Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters! This test is a requirement upon hire and is due one week prior to your first day of orientation. Prior to this step, you should have already completed the practice questions in the Pediatric Medication Administration Reference Guide. You will receive feedback regarding whether or not you passed the test upon completion. A score of 93% or higher is required for passing. If you have any questions regarding test content, please call 757-668-8692.

Administering medication to the pediatric population is very important and is different in many ways from administering medication to adults. The child's weight is used to determine medication doses and fluid requirements. This practice, along with the use of standard medication preparations, increases the need to perform a variety of calculations to identify and verify appropriate doses and volumes. CHKD takes patient safety very seriously.

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* 4. A 3 year old has an order to receive 0.25 g of Tegretol PO TID.  The syringe contains 100mg/5mL.  The nurse should administer how many mL?

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* 5. A 10 year old patient is to receive Synthroid 0.075 mg PO q AM.  The label reads:

Synthroid (Levothyroxine Sodium Tablets, USP)
25 mcg (0.025mg)

How many tablets will you give?

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* 6. A 7 year old child who is unable to swallow tablets is ordered Amoxicillin 500mg PO q8hr.  The label reads:

125mg/5mL Amoxicillin for oral suspension

The patient will receive how many milliliters?

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* 7. A one month old infant has an order to receive Ceftin 20mg/kg/day PO q8hr.  The child's weight is 12 lbs.  The child will receive ____ mg per dose.

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