This survey is structured to allow you, the client, to provide feedback about your experience in the program you are involved with. Your feedback is important to us! The information you provide could help ChildServ improve programs for a more positive experience for you, and other clients. Please take time to read each question carefully, and respond appropriately to the questions.

If you are receiving services in a second or third program here at ChildServ, please ask for those program's surveys as well, since each program has its own set of unique questions. For example, if you are receiving therapy or clinical services, you also should take the Armour Clinical Services Survey.

If you prefer to opt out of this survey, you will have that option after the first four demographic questions. To respect confidentiality, your identity will remain anonymous for this survey. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey, please talk to your case manager. We do hope you will complete the entire survey.