Our Local Economies - Will Community Broadband Save Them?

Please tell us about the state of local broadband after COVID-19 hit?  National policymakers - and IEDC - want to know about initiatives, policies, or programs in your community that possibly influence broadband's impact on local economies during this pandemic. 

When COVID-19 forced everyone home, was broadband ready? Telehealth took center stage, but did supporting technologies and local healthcare keep up? How did distance learning affect the digital divide in education?

We know your time is valuable and thank you in advance for sharing your insight and knowledge. This survey takes just a few to complete. To make things easy, the survey resumes right where you stop if you are interrupted.

This survey's deadline is 11:59 PM (PST) January 28. Shortly afterwards, IEDC will share the final survey results and analysis report with you. Your input helps guide broadband policy as well as drive broadband access nationwide.

International Economic Development Council greatly appreciates you taking time to give us your feedback!
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