Welcome to the single flow whitewater boating survey for the Kern River No. 3 (KR3) Hydroelectric Project.
Southern California Edison (SCE) is the owner and operator of the KR3 Project which  is currently undergoing a relicensing proceeding with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to renew its long-term operating license. This single flow whitewater boating survey is one part of the REC-1 Whitewater Boating Study being conducted to support  the relicensing process.
Please complete the single flow whitewater boating survey for each boating trip you do on the North Fork Kern River between Fairview Dam and Riverside Park in Kernville. The following survey questions will ask you to specify which whitewater segment you boated on your trip. For your convenience, a map delineating the whitewater segments is provided at the start of the survey. Your trip may use different access points or overlap one or more whitewater segments. Please select all the whitewater segments you boated during this trip regardless if you used  all or part of the segment.
Before starting the single flow whitewater boating survey, please confirm the flow (cfs) for your trip at the time of your launch using the stream gage data below Fairview Dam. If you boated the Powerhouse / Lickety Split segment, please confirm the flow (cfs) downstream of the powerhouse using the stream gage data for the North Fork Kern at Kernville. Alternatively, keep the flow information open in a separate browser page to refer back to as you go through the survey questions focused on flow during your trip. Knowing the correct flow you boated will be important to answer several questions in the survey.
Thank you for participating in the single flow whitewater boating survey. Your feedback is important, please encourage your boating friends to document their trips.
10% of survey complete.