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* 1. As CMT builds its list of legislative priorities for FY14 we wondered which transit projects YOU think should be prioritized for the St. Louis region moving forward? What is the next transit project this region wants to see?

The East-West Gateway Council of Government’s Board of Directors (the locally elected officials from the St. Louis region – MO and IL) included a list of projects in their long range plan called ‘illustrative’ projects – projects that are considered transit priorities for the region yet have no funding source attached to them.

We believe that the projects should be prioritized according to the needs of the community and seek your input for identifying those needs. With your help, CMT will advise East West Gateway on the transit projects the community most wants and needs.

We hope you will weigh in!

East West Gateway's Illustrative projects are listed here with the approximate cost in millions listed beside the project.

Please rank them in order of priority - 1 being top priority, 9 being lowest priority.

For more information on each project, visit pg 29 of East West Gateway's Regional Transportation Plan found here -

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* 2. Have anything to add or routes you'd like added to this list for the future?