The City of Winnipeg is holding an upcoming event in your neighbourhood to discuss the redevelopment of Blue Bird Park and Lismore Park.

Blue Bird Park was last redeveloped in 1999, therefore the park is due for an update. With the open greenspace at Lismore Park right beside it, this is a good time to think of the two greenspaces together and come up with ideas for what is needed in the community and the best way to address it in the available park spaces.

Since the nearby Bannatyne Park play structure has reached the end of its useful life and it is located less than a five minute walk from Blue Bird and Lismore parks, the play structure there will be removed and the area will be re-sodded. The intent is to focus resources on a new playground at the larger, more central site at Blue Bird and Lismore parks.

Funding to redevelop Blue Bird and Lismore parks is available through the Parks and Recreation Enhancement Program. To add to the diverse recreational needs of users, the City is working with stakeholders and residents to determine the best way to invest in the future of these two neighbourhood parks.

This survey will take roughly ten minutes of your time and will be available until Thursday, October 10, 2019.