This survey will ask about your opinion of Kensington's school-related environment.

The questions will ask about how you feel about school, and the people you work with.

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* 1. What grade are you in?

* 2. I am a:

For the next few questions, tell us if you agree with the statement.

* 3. I enjoy coming to this school.

* 4. I know the school rules about bullying.

* 5. I know what to do when I see bullying happen.

* 6. Students are noticed a lot for behaving the right way.

* 7. Teachers listen to students when they have a problem.

* 8. I feel safe coming to Kensington Road School.

* 9. In which of the following ways have you been bullied this year?

* 10. Where have you been bullied this year?

* 11. Since the start of this school year I have seen students threaten and bully others in the school.

* 12. Is there a difference between TELLING and TATTLING?

* 13. Who have you told about the bullying?

* 14. When you see a kid your age being bullied at school, what do you think? How do you feel?

* 15. How often have you taken part in bullying other students since the start of this school year?

* 16. Do you think it's OK for older students to pick on or push around younger students in your school?

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