General Information

The Petfinder Foundation is working with KONG to provide enrichment toys to shelters and across the country. The Kong company joins the Petfinder Foundation in the belief that by providing enrichment toys to shelter pets, you stimulate their mind, helping to make them more adoptable.

This grant is a product grant in the form of KONG Toys to Petfinder members.

If you have any questions regarding the KONG grant program please contact Melissa Siewert at

* 1. Petfinder Member Shelter ID:

* 2. Petfinder Member Organization Name:

* 3. Petfinder Member Physical Address (KONG toys cannot be shipped to a PO Box. Not providing a physical address will result in your organization being ineligible to receive a KONG toy grant):

* 4. Petfinder Member Mailing Address (if different from physical address):

* 5. Petfinder Member Contact:

* 6. Name and title of person completing this grant application, if different from the Member Contact above:

* 7. Employee Identification Number (EIN):
(This is your tax ID number; it can be found on any of your tax records.)