City of Ionia

The City of Ionia is in the process of updating the 2012 Master Land Use Plan and the Five-Year Community Parks and Recreation Plan.  The Planning Commission, the Parks and Recreation Commission, and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) are seeking your opinions on a variety of topics related to land use, recreation, and community development.  Your responses to the survey will be used to create goals and action steps for the City.  Please complete the survey no later than Monday, April 23.  The City of Ionia thanks you for completing the survey.  Your input is valuable!

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3. Attached Urban Housing is a style of housing that may include duplexes, fourplexes, and multiplexes of a small scale, as well as bungalow courts, townhouses, and carriage houses. This type of housing may be developed at price points that appeal to those beginning a career, young families, and those of retirement age, and may be developed as ownership units as well as rental units. Attached Urban Housing is intended to bring vitality to downtown areas, and is also compatible with single family neighborhoods.  In general, do you favor zoning regulations which allow a wider range of uses in the downtown area, such as:  (Choose all that you favor)