Supporting informed decision making about COVID-19 vaccinations

About the project:

LELAN is inviting lived experience input into co-creating messaging and strategies to support informed decision making about COVID-19 vaccinations.
We would like to gain insight from people with lived experience of distress and mental health issues and/or people who support, care for or work with them. We want to know about the information people need/needed to make informed decisions about the COVID-19 vaccine, concerns people have/had about receiving the vaccine and supports or strategies that would be useful to address this.

We want to support and empower (not coerce), people to make informed choices about COVID-19 vaccinations.

About the survey results:
The survey is anonymous. Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected. We will not disclose personal and/or identifying information about a person without their consent or in a way that they do not agree with. You have the option of providing no responses if uncomfortable or unsure of disclosing this information.
Survey results will be further explored in co-creation sessions and with our Lived Experience Advisors to help shape messages and develop resources about the COVID-19 vaccination. All ideas will be synthesised into a report that will be distributed to not only the lived experience community but externally.

Please complete this survey and share it with your networks and connections. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our work further, please feel free to contact Sheryl Boniface, LELAN Manager - Projects & Advocacy via: E:   Ph: 0431 953 326.

Please note that your responses to Questions 1-4 below are used by LELAN to increase understanding of who is engaging with our projects and work. As an organisation, LELAN is committed to including diverse perspectives and ensuring that various identities and experiences that people bring to the lived experience community are recognised.  

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* 2. Some information about the way you personally identify. Please tick all that apply. 

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* 4. Some information about your personal lived experience. Please tick all that apply. 

Let's reflect on your or the person you support, care for or work with experiences of COVID-19 vaccination messaging

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* 5. Are you responding to the survey based on your personal perspective and experience or sharing based on your role supporting, caring for or working with people with lived experience of distress or mental health issues?