Local governments and organizations were forced to transition in-person meetings to online, seemingly overnight, due COVID-19 restrictions and stay-at-home orders. Many people learned new tools and technologies in order to continue to work and support their constituents.

As COVID-19 restrictions are being eased or lifted entirely and as more people are fully vaccinated, townships are planning to return to live in-person meetings. Some townships - such as Doylestown - are already hosting hybrid in-person/online public meetings (read "Incorporating Zoom Into Live BOS Meetings"). The public officials meet in person as before but the public has the option to participate remotely via Zoom or attend in person.

NOTE: The Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS) announced that the PA House and Senate adopted a joint Resolution (HR 106) which terminates Governor Wolf’s March 6, 2020, COVID-19 emergency disaster declaration. "Township officials should keep in mind that Act 15 of 2020  allowed all local government types to conduct fully virtual or teleconference meetings while the governor’s emergency disaster declaration was in effect," said PSATS. "Since the disaster declaration was terminated with the passage of HR 106, townships of the second class may go back to pre-declaration conditions and conduct in-person or hybrid meetings. Hybrid meetings must have a physical meeting location where the public may attend in-person, as well as a virtual option, and supervisors may participate in-person or virtually*. "

*At the moment the township considers the purpose of Zoom to be SOLELY for a committee/Board of Supervisors member to attend if that person cannot attend in person.

This survey asks your opinion regarding whether or not Newtown Township should implement hybrid public meetings that offer both in-person and online options as described above. Your open-end comments are also welcome.

No identifying information is collected via this survey unless you opt-in to provide such information for purposes of follow-up by subscribing to John Mack's email newsletter. After completing the survey, you will be able to see a de-identified summary of the results to date (no comments).

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Newtown Township approved survey. Its purpose is solely to inform John Mack – a Newtown Supervisor – of the public’s opinion regarding this issue.
Important Notice

I inform my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors (BOS) of my survey results*, but the best way of making YOUR opinions count is to contact members of the BOS directly via email (or snail mail to 100 Municipal Drive, Newtown, PA 18940). Here are the official email addresses of BOS members:
  • Phil Calabro (Chair): philc@newtownpa.gov
  • Dennis Fisher (Vice Chair): dennisf@newtownpa.gov
  • John Mack (Ass't Secretary/Treasurer): johnm@newtownpa.gov
  • Kyle Davis (Member): kyled@newtownpa.gov
  • David Oxley (Member): davido@newtownpa.gov
*Some BOS members do not agree that resident surveys should play any role in the decisions they make even though many consultants we hire perform surveys of residents. Therefore, it is important that after taking my survey that you send a copy of your responses - including comments - to every BOS member. Include your full name and address to ensure that your input is official.