We value your input! This survey asks your feedback on using OAuth2 Authorization.
What: OAuth2 Authorization
Why: Customer requested feature
How: OAuth2 framework
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We are developing product support for the OAuth2 Authorization framework into our Cincom® ObjectStudio® and Cincom® VisualWorks® products. Note that OAuth2 is an open standard, but it does not specify the procedure of requesting an access token.

Our primary OAuth2 example is working with Google. We can request an authorization code from Google, exchange it for access and refresh tokens, and then use the access token to authenticate our SMTPClient with a Google SMTP server.  Our IMAP client also is working with Google OAuth2.

To use as examples, we are looking for additional typical OAuth2 providers that our customers use.

If you are using OAuth2 now, or have a future need, we would appreciate your feedback.

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- Arden Thomas, Cincom Smalltalk Product Manager