Introduction & Survey Information

Questions that matter. Help save and inform other teachers by answering. The results from thousands of teachers responding on trends, what's happening in schools, and their accomplishments helps pinpoint the real issues and ideas to share out nationally. Don't worry if you can't answer all the questions, just do the best you can. 

The final essay about your accomplishments in the past year is the most important part we consider for awarding levels of achievement.

This is an annual survey of teachers, a separate survey is being conducted for responding Administrators.  We will be selecting from the teacher responses the top 25 to announce in December 2023 to honor them and share their achievements nationally with a readership reach of 8 Million +. 

Major parts of the survey ask: Contact info; technologies intentions; emerging pressures; defining teaching and learning priorities; observations on spending and final essay.

23 Questions - taking 7-20 minutes depending on final essay portion.
Please save the email in which you received the link to this survey. You will need to access this survey from that email link and from the same computer so you may return to the same response you started if you get called away.  Responses are saved through cookies.

To receive a PDF of the entire survey for printing, data collection and discussion with others in your district, or to ask questions about the survey items, please send a request email to: