WEDI is conducting this survey to gather input from health care providers, patients/consumers, and health care payers on their use of telehealth and any barriers they encounter in implementing telehealth services.  The goal of this survey is to understand telehealth services between providers, payers, and patients/consumers.  The Telehealth Workgroup will use the information gathered in the survey in its work looking at the barriers to the broader adoption of telehealth.

The WEDI Telehealth Workgroup defines telehealth as:
Telehealth is the delivery of health care services in a virtual environment utilizing electronic communications, information technology or other means to provide or support appropriate clinical and non-clinical care based on varying circumstances (e.g., rural areas, lower costs, convenience, insurance offerings, etc.); ensuring health care diagnosis, consultation, treatment, education and care/health management of patients by qualified health care providers in a safe and secure manner.

We ask responders to complete the survey both for their role as a health care provider or payer and as a patient/consumer.

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