Hello Growtopians!

We’ve gathered a lot of feedback from you about last month’s update, Gross-Out, and after reviewing it, we’ve come up with some interesting ideas to make it more fun and we want YOUR vote to help us decide what to do with it next! One is to keep it as-is, but rebalance things a little to make it easier (and cheaper) to explode for gross prizes. Another is to tweak the balancing AND change the items to be a little less gross, but keep the weirdness with strange new Mutations! Finally, another option is to go in a completely different direction with a balancing change-up and a total item alteration, focusing on food-themed items and explosions in an all-out Food Fight!

Let us know what you’d prefer in the poll below!

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* 1. How do you see the future of Gross-Out?

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