The following is an anonymous, brief, evidence-based survey meant to measure your work experience in the veterinary hospital/clinic you currently work in. 

For this survey, we are seeking veterinary team members who meet the following two requirements:
  1. You are currently working in a veterinary hospital or clinic
  2. You have some sort of supervisor, manager, or leader you report to.  It is OK if you are a supervisor, manager, or leader yourself so long as you also have a supervisor, manager, or leader you report to. 

If you do NOT report directly to someone (for example, you are the hospital owner), please do not participate in this survey.
The purpose of this survey, conducted by Flourish Veterinary Consulting, is to attempt to identify leadership actions that may contribute to a positive workplace experience in veterinary medicine.  Specifically, we are interested in identifying factors that may predict workplace satisfaction, commitment, and retention. 
Your responses will be collected directly by Flourish Veterinary Consulting.  We hope to use the information collected to inform veterinary leadership development efforts and help veterinary leaders cultivate workplaces in which veterinary professionals might thrive in their work.  
Your responses are 100% anonymous and confidential.  You will not provide your name or email address.  Your responses will be included in a large data set from many other respondents in the veterinary profession.  Flourish Veterinary Consulting will never share individual responses.  Analysis will be conducted on the entire data set as a whole.
The survey has 3 sections.  In the first section, you will provide some demographic information.  Once again, your responses are 100% confidential and we will not ask for any personally identifiable information.  In the second section, you will be asked questions about the actions of your immediate supervisor/manager/leader at your hospital or clinic.  Finally, in the third section, you will be asked questions about your work experience.
Most people complete this survey in less than 10 minutes.
It should be noted that while this survey is evidence-based, many of the questions have not been through a validation study.  
Your participation is 100% voluntary, and you may leave the survey at any time.  Data from incomplete surveys will not be included in the final analysis.
You are encouraged to be honest in your responses.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact the study lead, Josh Vaisman, at